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Finding the “right” gift for Father’s day can sometimes be a troubling task. At Icarus Originals, we believe that picking the perfect present should involve more than a last-minute run to the local shop or a swipe through Amazon, where you will most likely be met with run-of-the-mill, basic products. Dear old dad deserves a form of recognition as unique as he is, even, and especially, if he insists he wants nothing at all this year. 

Now, more than ever, we are increasingly acknowledging the value of our loved ones and how important their presence is in our lives. So, why not look like you’ve put some actual effort into finding a gift for your dad this father’s day and get something that completely meets their wants and style while providing the satisfaction that spans a lifetime? In order to help, we have rounded up our top 3 unique father’s day gifts that will certainly put a smile on their face…

Father’s Day E-Type Cufflinks

Is your dad a car enthusiast? Or does he just love “beautiful” and “iconic” designs. If so, our E-type Jaguar cufflink set is the perfect Father’s Day present for him. 

Carefully cast from the pistons of an original 1961 Series 1 fixed head coupe and in collaboration with renowned ‘classic motor cars’, these stunning sets of E-Type cufflinks will provide a sense of purpose, potency and beauty to your father’s day gift. 

Unlike your prototypical store bought cufflinks, the E-Type gift set adds a whole new meaning to collectible gifts. As our first foray of automotive heritage, the E-types proudly portrays a genuine icon of the twentieth century, with many referring to this vehicle as the ‘greatest’ and most ‘beautiful’ sports car of all time. 

Indeed, when it comes to customised jewellery, the sentimental and emotional value is even greater. Knowing that you’re presenting a carefully and painstakingly crafted piece for someone you love is an incomparable feeling. Often a design is based on the concept of emotions, ideas or even memorable moments – in this case the iconic Jaguar – that you can recreate in a special item.

When purchasing a unique, custom gift, you are able to appreciate the materials and production methods chosen, including the reason for doing so. You will have a part in shaping the products final design so it becomes an investment and story that can be passed through generations…

  • E-Type Pin Badge
    1961 Series 1 E-Type Pin Badge
  • Concorde G-AXDN Mini Model in reclaimed aluminium
    Concorde G-AXDN Mini Model

Father’s Day Concorde G-AXDN Cufflinks

Does your dad have a real passion for aviation? Well how about presenting him with a unique piece of aviation history, or more specifically, a piece of the fastest airliner to ever grace the skies…

Our Concorde limited edition cufflinks have been cast from the air intake assembly of Concorde 101 (G AXDN) – the fastest ever example of this majestic aircraft type. T.

The genuine and authenticated Hiduminium RR58 aluminium alloy used in the Concorde fleet has been melted down and re-cast in the UK by our master jewellers and finishers. These products blend the best of British craftsmanship with the most legendary of aircraft designs, to produce a truly unique piece of aviation history. 

At Icarus Originals, we are extremely proud to design, manufacture and hand-finish in the UK, where we work with some of the finest and most established jewellers in the industry. Our G-AXDN products’ are inherently timeless classics, authenticated and traced on an audit line from its manufacture back to the original craft the product commemorates, creating a truly unique and beautifully crafted product that captures a small piece of history.

Father’s Day F-35A Cufflinks 

A force to be reckoned with… 

The popular F-35A cufflinks are the ideal Father’s day gift for those dads who have a close affiliation to the forces. 

With this being said, presented in their very own gift box, the F-35A cufflinks have been designed in conjunction with pilots of an Air Force operating the F-35A and manufactured using aluminium reclaimed from the airframe of an operational F-35A, truly encapsulating our tag line ‘designed by heroes to be worn by legends’. Every cufflink bar is etched with the aircraft type highlighted in black enamel. Limited to 750 sets globally, these cufflinks celebrate the introduction of one of the world’s most advanced combat aircraft.. 

“Our mission is to make the world that little bit more special by making these unique and perfect pieces of design, available to the people who deserve them the most”. 

Recreating designs reclaimed from their original models for those people who have had an immense involvement or love for them is what makes a difference. The historic and sentimental aspect of each of our products is what makes these cufflinks stand out. Each design is created with the customer in mind and in collaboration with the heroes who brought these incredible designs to fruition. So whether you dad, grandad uncle or brother has a passion or admiration for all things aviation, then these F-35A cufflinks are the perfect unique father’s day gift that shows you have gone the extra mile. 

  • F35-A cufflink gift set made from reclaimed F-35 Aluminium
    F-35A Cufflinks

Why our cufflinks are the perfect father’s day gift…

Indeed, Icarus Originals is inherently more than your “run-of-the-mill” pop-up online jewellery shop. Each product is made from genuine and authenticated metal from a range of iconic aircrafts, trains and now automotive legends that defined a generation, then melted down and re-cast in the UK by master jewellers and finishers. Whether they are a bespoke pair of cufflinks cast from the aluminium of a Red arrows Hawk T1 aircraft, or a premium pair of giftset cufflinks cast from the air intake assembly of Concorde 101 (G AZDN) – each distinct piece enables customers to own their very own piece of history. Because everything is individually handcrafted and finished in the UK, thankfully for those of your last minute shoppers – our “homegrown” manufacturing style means we can have your order processed and delivered in a speedy turnaround, so you won’t be going empty handed on Sunday 16th. 

Make your Dad feel special this father’s day with a unique, bespoke, premium gift that celebrates  iconic craft that has defined transportation in the last 100 years, by blending the very latest technical innovations with the highest quality British craftsmanship. Shop online now to explore our products, packaged perfectly for the big day…

  • 1961 Series 1 Jaguar E-type Cufflinks made from reclaimed EType Aluminium
    1961 Series 1 E-Type Cufflinks
  • F35-A cufflink gift set made from reclaimed F-35 Aluminium
    F-35A Cufflink Gift Set
  • F35-A cufflink gift set made from reclaimed F-35 Aluminium
    F-35A Cufflinks

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