N700 Shinkansen

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The origins of the modern railways can be found in the UK. From there, its influence has branched out across the world.
Having reached Japan, the potential for innovative high-speed railways was recognised. The result was the Shinkansen – known globally as the ‘bullet train’. Since its opening on 1 October 1964, in time for the Tokyo Olympics, the service has become renowned for its safety, punctuality and high speed.

The Shinkansen network now reaches across Japan, with the sight of it passing Mount Fuji being one of the most iconic images of the country. Since its opening, the trains themselves have evolved.

2005 saw the introduction of a prototype Shinkansen Series N700. This train underpins the design of all subsequent trains on the Tōkaidō Shinkansen, linking cities such as Tōkyō, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyōto and Ōsaka, at up to 285km/h.


It is fitting, returning to the origins of the railways themselves, that these products are made from the actual prototype Series N700 and then hand polished by expert jewellers in the UK, close to where the industrial revolution began. The products represent a combination of great British tradition and craftsmanship with exceptional Japanese technology.

The design process can take several months to complete and requires careful matriculation in order to achieve the high-quality cufflink product. But the end result is truly something special.