1961 Series 1 E-Type

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Since the Jaguar E-type came to fruition in 1961, it has regularly topped lists compiled by designers and car enthusiasts alike as an extraordinary object of desire. Innovative and streamlined, with its immensely long bonnet, aluminium body and monocoque – The jaguar E-Type was a trailblazing automobile that set a precedent for motorsporting design for years to come. Famously depicted as the ‘the most beautiful car in the world’ by Enzo Ferrari, the original Coupe and Roadster models are a clear symbolism of the glamour and excitement of the swinging 60s, with racing drivers and celebrities eager for their own slice of breathtakingly beautiful British engineering. Indeed, the E-type is amongst Britain’s most celebrated cars – and with good reason. When 70mph was rapid for the average family runabout, this car could reach a staggering 150mph. With its 3.8-litre straight-six engine sourced from the XK, and a new independent rear suspension design that went on to be a hallmark of Jaguar models for four decades – it’s no surprise that its considered to be of, if not the greatest, sports car of all time.

In motor sports, the Jaguar E-Type was best known for its tremendous success in SCCA Production sports races with Group44, taking the B-Production championship in 1975. This car even managed to defeat the Nissan Z-car team in 1980 to become the national C-Production SCCA champions!

Nearly 60 years on, the Jaguar E-type Reborn programme will see Series 1 E-types restored to their original specification for future generations of enthusiasts and collectors to buy directly from Jaguar Classic. Its legacy still carries on, seen in the F-type models and E-type reloaded; a hefty price tag attached to such an iconic automobile. As the creators of the E-type, Jaguar Classic’s craftsmen are more than just technicians and engineers. They’re passionate custodians of one of Britain’s greatest ever brands and automobiles. This love and enthusiasm is exemplified in their quality craftsmanship and design, proudly portraying the genuine icon of the twentieth century.


Word renowned restoration company Classic Motor Cars in Bridgnorth and Icarus Originals, the UK’s leading provider of bespoke unique hand-made precision engineered jewellery, have come together to design and produce a stunning set of E-Type cufflinks.The cufflinks were the idea of CMC’s Managing Director Nigel Woodward and are made solely from the original aluminium pistons belonging to the most sought-after E-Type, a 1961 Series 1 fixed head coupé.

“We work on E-Types every day of the week, Owners are constantly asking for extras for their cars like bespoke picnic hampers and luggage or specific upgrades. It occurred to me that we should provide something for the owners themselves.”

Nigel Woodward – CMC Managing Director

Nigel, a private pilot, had seen jewellery produced by Icarus Originals using original aircraft aluminium and reached out to the Shrewsbury based company. The two parties got together to develop a design and work out how metal from the pistons of an original E-type could be cast.

“Icarus have done a fantastic job and many will be proud to own and wear such a fine set of cufflinks. This certainly won’t be the last item that we work with them.”

Nigel Woodward – CMC Managing Director
  • E-Type Pin Badge
    1961 Series 1 E-Type Pin Badge
  • 1961 Series 1 Jaguar E-type Cufflinks made from reclaimed EType Aluminium
    1961 Series 1 E-Type Cufflinks

For founders of Icarus, John Mercer and Alan Lock who have backgrounds as Military Engineering Officers, this was an area they had not worked in before. Gaining their reputation by working with groups restoring iconic aircraft such as the fastest ever Concorde or the last flying Vulcan and creating unique, handcrafted pieces, they jumped at the chance to develop a product made using material sourced from such a legendary vehicle.

“We’re immensely proud to have worked with Classic Motor Cars on this exciting project. As a company, their values align with ours completely and each individual cufflink is a testament to the work they do to preserve motoring heritage”

Alan Lock – Co-Founder of Icarus Originals

“Although this is our first foray into automotive heritage, when you look at first rate classics like the Series 1 E-Type, they share all the same design qualities as aviation icons such as the Concorde; a sense of purpose, potency and beauty”

John Mercer – Co-Founder of Icarus Originals