Tornado GR4 ZG750

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ZG750 aka Pinky was the 690th Tornado IDS off the production line. Released into service with the RAF in 1991, the aircraft spent most of its life doing important but unglamorous work in its capacity as a twin-stick trainer. Ironically considering its infamous paint scheme, ZG750 (like all twin-stickers), never saw any operational service.

ZG750’s moment in the sun came in 2016 when it was painted in its famous pink livery to celebrate the 25 years that had elapsed since the Tornado made its operational debut in the Gulf War (Op GRANBY). The star of the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) 2016, with its new paint-scheme in place, the aircraft rapidly became a firm favourite with the fans (and crews!). 

The aircraft was a regular fixture through the Mach Loop low level training area although its iconic status was severely threatened before it had really begun when it was grounded for several months shortly after receiving its new paint scheme, with cracking in the wing roots. Finally repaired, Pinky remained a firm fixture on the circuit until it was retired in 2017 and subsequently stripped of useful components before being scrapped.

Op Granby RAF Tornado GR4 through the Mach Loop


  • AvPIN Tornado ZG750
    AvPIN Tornado ZG750
  • ZG750 Tornado GR4 Pinky Cufflinks
    Tornado GR4 ZG750 ‘Pinky’ Cufflinks
  • Tornado GR4 'Pinky' ZG750 Sterling Silver Pendant
    Tornado GR4 ZG750 Pendant