HST Intercity 125

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“With its iconic looks designed by Sir Kenneth Grange in the 1970s, the UKs first high-speed train commonly known as the Intercity 125 became famous in modern British culture. With the fleet gradually being withdrawn, this is your opportunity to own a small piece of contemporary history.”

One of British transports unsung heroes…

The name derived from its top operational speed of 125 mph, The Intercity 125 can be best described as a British design classic. A diesel-powered passenger train built by British Rail Engineering Limited between 1975 and 1982. The 125 still holds the world’s record for diesel, clocking up more than 9 million miles, with each set made up of two class 43 power cars, one at each end and a rake of Mark 3 carriages.

Despite its original purpose to be created as a “stop gap train”, the Intercity 125 is now regarded as a vehicle which saved the British railway industry in the 1960s-70s, a time when rail travel as we know it was on the brink of extinction. Indeed, 125 is a home-grown hero with a secret history. It had to overcome some formidable foes – Defiant unions, violent football hooligans and even the soggy British rail sandwich. The 125 beat them all.

Often regarded as a shining beacon of British engineering genius, the implementation of advanced passenger train (APT) saw an 50% increase in train travel speed, tilting the carriage to 9 degree in 5 seconds, utilising the most innovative and high-tech engineering design that the world had never seen before.

If you’re travelling by long distance in Britain today, chances are you’re on a 125.


Own a slice of rail history…

Our HST Intercity 125 Cufflinks are the first of our locomotion product selection.

Cast from the aluminium melted down from the original power plant of locomotive 43079, these premium cufflinks come packed in a hinged mahogany faced box, in conjunction to a complete data card and certificate of authenticity.

Each cufflink has been carefully created by our master jewellers, who follow an intricate design process, creating high resolution 3D scanning models and visible CAD designs to generate a cast of the iconic intercity 125. They then hand polish each of the casts and carefully assemble the cufflinks to create a truly unique and bespoke product.

The design process can take several months to complete and requires careful matriculation in order to achieve the high-quality cufflink product. But the end result is truly something special.

  • HST InterCity125 Model
    HST InterCity125 Model
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    HST InterCity 125 Cufflinks