Our Production Process

Icarus Originals Ltd is a premium jewellery and gift business that combines the latest in hi-tech manufacturing with the best of traditional British craftsmanship. Through our range of precision crafted metal products, we celebrate iconic feats of design and engineering from the UK and around the globe.

What makes us special is that we manufacture products using melted-down metal from the very object we seek to commemorate. This ensures we can offer something truly unique – a precision-engineered casting that captures a small piece of history. Our current flagship release – a finalist for Gift of the Year 2019 – was a beautiful 3D rendering of the legendary Tornado jet, cast in polished aluminium sourced from the aircraft itself.

We are proud to work with the professionals who fly, crew and drive the real-life inspirations for our designs. Our manufacturing process combines advanced 3D scanning, exhaustive technical research and high-resolution 3D printing. We combine this cutting edge technology with the traditional skills and craftsmanship of the British jewellery industry to ensure we can offer the most detailed and authentic products.

So what’s the process?

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