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Combine supersonic flight with 5th generation fighter aircraft characteristics and what do you get? The Phenomenal F-35. Advanced stealth, integrated avionics, sensor fusions and superior logistics support are emblematic of the F-35 and contribute to its ranking as the most powerful and comprehensive integrated sensor package of any fighter aircraft in history.

The sheer stealth and capability of the F-35 to see trouble coming ahead, behind, or below the aircraft allows pilots to penetrate areas without being detected by radars that legacy fighters cannot evade. Indeed, to control this aircraft is what fifth-generation pilots say requires stealth and a stunning array of passive and active sensors bringing information to themselves.

Powered by the Pratt and Whitney F135 and with more than 40,000 pounds of thrust – the F-35 can properly itself to a match of 1.6. It’s fair to assume that the F-35 is designed with the entire battle space in mind. Missions prototypically performed by specialised aircrafts involving air-to-ground strikes and intelligence excursions to name a few, can now be completed by a squadron of F-35s.

Air superiority is emblematic of a nation’s power, security and stability. The F-35 is thus that tangible artifact of dominance for the U.S air force. Designed to defeat today’s most advanced threat systems both in the air and on the ground, the F-35’s ongoing advanced capabilities and technologies offer unprecedented capability and supportability across the spectrum of military operations.


At Icarus Originals we want to give our customers truly unique products that are beautifully crafted, superbly packaged and represent a small piece of history. Whether it be items cast from the fastest ever Concorde airliner, the last ever Vulcan bomber to fly, or the iconic Intercity 125 locomotive, all our pieces blend high tech design and manufacture together with the best of traditional British craftsmanship.

We work with official government agencies, private companies and preservation groups to secure access to suitable materials that can be authenticated with a clear audit trail to the original subject being commemorated. In this way, we ensure the integrity of what we do, and so you can be assured that your product was once a small part of a very iconic example of engineering.

Using a combination of advanced 3D scanning and the expertise of accomplished CAD design staff, we produce highly detailed and correctly proportioned renderings. Once ready, these are 3D printed in high resolution to create an initial ‘wax’ which can be cast as the master design. This stage can typically prove extremely challenging, and often it takes many attempts to get a working example that balances form and function. Once a design is signed off, it can be passed to our jewellery makers for casting.

We work with some of the finest craftsmen in the British jewellery industry, who are expert in the use of reclaimed material with provenance, and have rigorous processes in place to ensure our material from, for example, a Tornado F3 jet is isolated all the way through production. This ensures the provenance and integrity of the metal is maintained throughout the casting process.

  • F35-A cufflink gift set made from reclaimed F-35 Aluminium
    F-35A Cufflinks
  • F35-A cufflink gift set made from reclaimed F-35 Aluminium
    F-35A Cufflink Gift Set