747-400 B-HOP

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The Most Popular Plane In History?….

As aeroplanes come and go, the Boeing 747-400 has maintained its status and popularity as the fastest commercial jetliner!

Since its inception in 1969, the Boeing 747-400 airline has been a major success with airlines and the flying public. Renowned as the “world’s first wide-body jet liner”, it would be fair to state this aircraft revolutionised air travel as we know it and cemented itself as a dominant model within the passenger aircraft market. A notion substantiated by its presence in over 210 airports worldwide.

The Boeing 747-400 is a wide body, four engine jet, with a distinctive upper deck shape – a feature that has earned its nickname “jumbo jet”. This unique bubble at the top of the plane enabled passengers at the front section on the main deck to sit in the nose of the plane – which was the first time a passenger could ever do that!

The 747-400 is regarded as a highly reliable and proven performer in the air thanks to its innovative engineering enhancements over previous 747 models. This includes the addition of winglets, new flight decks and new avionics – making it the world’s fastest commercial jetliner!

One of the most notable features on this iconic aircraft was the winglet enhancements – which provide the effect of having an even greater wingspan without outgrowing the standard airport slot. Consequently, the wingtip extension and winglet offer a fuel mileage improvement of about 3 percent, which during the lifespan of an airplane amounts to considerable savings!

The 747-400 not only demarcated fast-travel, but also epitomised luxury travel too and was the first aircraft to do so – with spacious interior, leaving it with such an excess of floor space that airlines carved out room for passenger lounges; on some planes, even coach passengers could avail themselves of this luxury perk. Adding to the allure was that it was the first commercial airliner with two aisles. The 747 was also the first plane to have overhead bins; prior to that, aeroplanes featured an “open hat rack,” like those found on buses and trains.

Despite the aircraft’s retired status, the nostalgia will still cling to the 747. Indeed, there will never be a plane like it, it is a throwback to a time when air travel was perceived to be more gracious and glamorous.


These 747-400 B-Hop cufflinks have been cast using material recovered from 747-400 airliner B-HOP.

Once gathering all the materials to ensure the authentication of the product could be appropriately traced and tracked to the original icon it conveys, our master jewellers blended the very latest technological design and hand-crafted skill to convey the superiority of the ‘jumbo jet’ airline. The production process required immense attention to detail in order to appropriately achieve the distinctive upper deck body that the B-Hop possesses, creating a refined, unique and bespoke premium product from the reclaimed aluminium of the iconic 747-400 B-Hop.

Our customers can now own their own piece of aviation history, carrying with them the fastest commercial jetliner to ever grace the skies!

  • 747-400 Boeing B-HOP Cufflinks in reclaimed aircraft aluminium
    747-400 B-HOP Cufflinks
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    747-400 B-HOP Mini Model