AvPIN Canberra WJ992


Introducing AvPINs, the ultimate high-flying collectible!

Handmade in the UK using metal taken from an actual aircraft, each AvPIN captures the molten soul of an aviation icon, enveloped within pure copper and encased in a veneer of polished silver.

Released in themed collections, each AvPIN comes with a certificate of authenticity supplied in quality packaging.

We have designed each piece as a definitive tribute to aircraft that have defined the last 100 years of aviation, allowing you to hold and treasure your own piece of a world-famous icon.

Complete the set to own your personal chapter of aviation history.

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No aviation icon should go unremembered and that’s why at Icarus Originals, our sole aim is to save and repurpose small pieces of some of the most iconic aircraft, immortalising them through our products. We work to capture the essence and signature features of each icon by utilising the unique network we’ve built up over 25 years in the aviation industry, partnering with heritage groups and collectors alike to perfect the icon’s representation.

With focus and emphasis on precision, each AvPIN is the result of a meticulous amount of work, created by 3D modelling scans of real aircraft and then individually cast, plated and hand polished at the heart of Birmingham’s jewellery quarter.

You can count on your AvPIN to be:

  • Designed and handmade in the UK.
  • Made from an alloy of aircraft aluminium and copper, plated in silver.
  • Part of a growing collection that allows you to own a piece of history of the most iconic aircraft.
  • An encapsulation of aviation history made from real aircraft metal.
  • Supplied in premium packaging with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Generously proportioned at 30mm across.

Collect them all! 

The RAF Scampton Collection features:

  • Avro Lancaster PA474
  • Avro Vulcan XH558
  • English Electric Canberra WJ992
  • BAE Systems Hawk T1 XX244

We’re Icarus Originals and we’re pleased to meet you!  We’re a UK based company with Military backgrounds and you can find out more about who we are and how we make our products here.


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