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Promoted by Icarus Originals, SonicAIM brings their first product to market -The “Crash” Pedal.


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Promoted by Icarus Originals, SonicAIM brings their first product to market -The “Crash” Pedal.

The “Crash” is a unique pedal. It is a working piece of aviation history. The front panel is a genuine crash panel from a Panavia Tornado, the legendary jet that has seen active service all over the world over 3 decades. This panel would have been located to the left of the pilot, and in the event of a crash (pilots prefer the term “forced landing”!) the pilot would pull a large handle on this panel to cut off fuel and power to the plane making it safe.

We have turned this panel into a wonderful guitar pedal, based on another legend, a classic pedal seen by the feet of some of the best known guitarists since the 80’s. You’ll get the same rich, bluesy tones as the original, with the added benefit of hand soldered parts and leading edge component quality. Get ready to feel like SRV!

Each pedal comes with a dust bag made from reclaimed parachute sleeve, a polaroid of the reverse side of the panel showing the hand numbered batch numbers, and on registering your pedal a certificate of authenticity with the original British Aerospace supply receipt. Every pedal is hand made, and the panel and dust bag are reclaimed military materials, so expect every pedal to be unique and different in its appearance.

A percentage of profits from each sale will be donated to the Panavia Tornado Preservation Group. At present there will only be 15 of these pedals made, due to the rarity of these parts.


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