English Electric Lightning XR749 Cufflinks

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Made from aluminium alloy reclaimed from the original tail fin, these beautifully rendered cufflinks capture the sheer power of this iconic aircraft.

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The English Electric Lightning was the last all UK jet fighter, and the only fully British operational jet capable of Mach 2.27 (1500 Mph). XR749 was famed for its multiple achievements in intercepting an American U2 spy plane and winning a 1984 NATO competition to intercept and then overtake Concorde.

Made from aluminium alloy reclaimed from the original tail fin, these beautifully rendered cufflinks capture the sheer power of this iconic aircraft. Entirely made and hand finished in the UK, these items come presented in a high-quality hinged box, together with a certificate of authenticity.

To find out more about English Electric Lightning XR749 visit our Original Icons page or click here.

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1 review for English Electric Lightning XR749 Cufflinks

  1. Kyron

    Great service & a fantastic item

    I ordered these and the level of service Is excellent. The Items are nicely presented and I am impressed with the level of detail and attention to quality. I very rarely wear shirts requiring cufflinks but these have given me a new excuse to show off your expert work. Well done all. Quick ordering and painless pay. The communication was great aksi. A lot of companies fall down on this but you guys including the ladies in this don’t disappoint.

  2. Michael

    Fantastic piece of history

    Really happy with the cuff links, very well made and superbly packaged! Bought as a gift, Wish I bought myself some now!

  3. Jack

    English Electric Lightning Cufflinks

    I was sold the moment I read I could have cufflinks in anything resembling an EE Lightning, however what I did not expect or believe was possible is the quality and detail of sculpting. From the recess of the air intake, down the flowing wings, not just swept and thin but properly shaped with aileron detail to the invisible when worn but no less perfectly executed belly tank detail these cufflinks have far surpassed what one could expect from a model this size let alone a functioning feature piece of attire.

  4. Sally

    Perfect Graduation gift

    Bought as a graduation gift for a son who’s final year dissertation was about restoring and maintaining English Electric Lightnings. I originally inquired as to whether any Lightning products were to be produced and was informed that it was on the way – this prevented me settling for “2nd best” in the form of a different aircraft. We waited and John gave us advance notice of their availability – not something you would get from a big company. The cufflinks and the Miniature are both beautifully made and presented in their gift boxes. They arrived when John said they would, very well packaged.

  5. Katy

    English Electric Lightening Cufflinks.

    I ordered a pair of the English Electric Lightening Cufflinks for my husband for our anniversary. We were really excited to see the finished result, they look fantastic and well presented in the box. We also received a mini model which really complimented the cufflinks. My husband is really pleased to own a piece of this iconic aircraft, and the fact that they are designed and made in this country. Thanks again Katy and Phil.

  6. Thom Gidman

    10 out of 5 stars.
    I’m a Brit, living in Canada with a bit of an aviation obsession. I have a set of cuff links made from the oldest flying Spitfire, which flies with BBMF, but I’ve always hoped that I could one day get my favourite aircraft, the EE Lightning on my wrists!
    Icarus have exceeded expectations, the cuff links and accompanying limited edition model are spectacular. Really special, now just have to wait for COVID to be over to actually wear them!

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