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Welcome to the information page for your product. If you’re here it means you have bought or received one of our pendants and would like to find out more. Look no further as this is the home of all information-pendant.

Whether your pendant be made from aluminium or Sterling Silver, you can rest assured we have taken the utmost care in creating it for you. Each pendant is designed by us, then hand-cast and hand-finished in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter before being assembled and packed especially for you. To find out more about the casting process, click here.

Made following the same process as that used to make our cufflinks and bracelets, the first pendant was modelled on ‘Pinky’ the Tornado GR4, commissioned by the Tornado Force to be given as a gift at the aircraft’s retirement celebrations in 2019. They wanted to give something symbolic and special to the spouses of their aircrew to thank them for their support to the Sqn personnel.

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  • Tornado GR4 'Pinky' ZG750 Sterling Silver Pendant
    Tornado GR4 ZG750 Pendant