Cufflink Product Page

Welcome to the information page for your product. If you’re here it means you have bought or received some of our cufflinks and would like to find out more. Look no further as this is the home of all information-cufflink.

Whether your cufflinks be made from aluminium or Sterling Silver, you can rest assured we have taken the utmost care in creating them for you. Each cufflink is designed by us, then hand-cast and hand-finished in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter before being engraved where applicable and packed especially for you. To find out more about the casting process, click here.

Made following the same process as that used to make our pendants and bracelets, Tornado GR4 cufflinks were the first Icarus product to be created and put on sale. Having been such a success, they were the foundation on which we built the rest of our product lines and types, and we’re showing no signs of stopping!

Choose your Icon to find out more about its journey to becoming your cufflinks:

  • 747-400 G-CIVM Cufflinks
    747-436 G-CIVM Cufflinks
  • ZG750 Tornado GR4 Pinky Cufflinks
    Tornado GR4 ZG750 ‘Pinky’ Cufflinks
  • 1961 Series 1 Jaguar E-type Cufflinks made from reclaimed EType Aluminium
    1961 Series 1 E-Type Cufflinks